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Final issue of Biosystems Solutions
For a number of years now Biosystems Solutions has been keeping you updated on what's new and what's happening in and around Europe, but sadly this will be the last issue of the magazine.

However, we want to continue to keep you updated with the latest products, applications and events from Applied Biosystems and so are offering you the opportunity to benefit from our eCommunications channel.

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Articles to download from the current issue

Microarrays designed for discovery (739 KB PDF)
Applied Biosystems Human, Mouse and Rat Expression Arrays

Identification of bacterial and fungal isolates is required for many applications, across several disciplines in the life sciences. Applications in biopharmaceuticals include the need to monitor the environment in the production area, identifying any sterility failures, verification of culture stocks, and general monitoring of the integrity of the production process to ensure the safety of the products being manufactured.

Genomic revolution comes to microbial analysis (522 KB PDF)
MicroSeq® Microbial Identification System

Microarrays are widely used in genomic research for drug target discovery and validation. They are also important for understanding the molecular events connected to disease. Moreover, they have played a crucial role in the discovery of gene signatures and biomarkers, which are associated with prognosis, disease segmentation, and patient response to drug therapy. A critical element in these studies is the identification of significant genes during the discovery phase.

Simultaneous quantitative screening and qualitative confirmation (2.93 MB PDF)
of 300 pesticides using the new 3200 Q TRAP® LC/MS/MS System

Currently more than 800 pesticides are used worldwide and for most of these compounds legal action levels in drinking water and food exist. These levels have to be controlled. For this type of target analysis, multi-residue analytical methods are preferred to reduce the analytical workload.

TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays (267 KB PDF)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small RNAs that have recently gathered much attention for their possible roles in cell differentiation, developmental biology, and disease states. The miRNAs are particularly interesting research targets since they represent a new layer of post-transcriptional gene regulation that is not yet fully characterised.

New BIOiTRAQ™ Systems (180 KB PDF)
For Biomarker Discovery and Validation

BIOiTRAQ™ systems are the ideal solutions for key phases of biomarker research � including discovery, identification, and quantitation, both relative and absolute. Systems are available to meet a range of research needs and budgets, and incorporate innovative iTRAQ™ and ICAT® reagent chemistries; sensitive, versatile MS instrument platforms, and easy-to-use software that makes the most of your results and enhances your productivity. Powerful new workflows can take you from discovery to identification to quantitation, all within a single experiment. For a detailed description of the iTRAQ reagents see Biosystems Solutions (Issue 10, p34-35).

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